Newker Ceramics was created with a clear vocation for customer service.

The mission of Newker is to provide the professionals with the best solutions for their projects. We understand the needs and we offer a tailored solution to each project and customer who may require it. This is only possible because of our flexibility and continuous effort to improve the R&D process as well as the quality of our products and the environmental impact.

With this in view, we want to be the referent in the areas of promotion and building construction. For this purpose, we have developed a wide choice of products that meet customers´ needs.

Our values are based on the customer service and our desire is to achieve the customer´s satisfaction. We want to give the best possible service having ready availability in most of our products. Flexibility to build up the best solution for customers´ needs. Only in this way it´s possible to get a complete customer satisfaction, making the purchasing process the best customer´s experience.